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We offer Brokerage services for all major commercial asset types

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Multi-Family
  • Land
  • Business Opportunities
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Restaurant
  • Medical

Western Colorado Asset Disposition & Acquisition

There are a number of reasons companies choose to sell an asset or portfolio of assets – business expansion, a merger or acquisition, a shift in corporate strategy or the need to free up capital are just a few of them. When the time comes, you want to make sure the disposition process is handled by a professional.

We will make certain the decision to sell supports your business objectives and, if so, that you get the best possible price for your assets. We are unique because we work with our clients to develop a well thought out strategy, asset specific, and ensure each phase of the process is delivered via an integrated, controlled model. Sophisticated internal and external marketing plans help our clients reach the widest possible buyer base, ranging from small businesses, private investors and developers to publicly traded corporations and global institutional investors.

Thanks to our full-service capabilities our relationship with our clients isn’t limited to a property sale. We can work with you to determine the next best steps. This may mean a sale/leaseback, reconfiguration of existing space, identification of a new suitable property, a search for a build-to-suit or a combination of solutions that best meet your space needs and financial requirements. Our goal is to provide strategic counsel as well as expert execution.

Looking to buy or sell commercial real estate in Western Colorado? We have commercial properties for sale in Grand Junction, Orchard Mesa, Clifton, Fruita, Mack, Delta and Whitewater as well as covering all of Western Colorado.

Commercial Receivership

    1. Take possession of property and assets pursuant to an order of the Courts
    2. Sell or manage assets in order to optimize proceeds prior to a commercial foreclosure
    3. Manage the properties accounts payable and accounts receivable and pay creditors
    4. Manage and control the property by leasing and collection of rent

Core Service Capabilities

    1. Receivership Management
    2. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Trustee Services
    3. Real Estate Asset Management
    4. Real Estate Property Management
    5. Real Estate Facilities Management
    6. Construction Services
    7. Construction Management

Landlord Representation

For landlords , we develop strategies to enhance the value of a real estate asset through four key elements: positioning the product in the marketplace, identifying suitable prospects, creating customized marketing strategies and tools and managing all of the steps associated with the leasing process.
Our Landlord Representation services include:
  • – product positioning
  • – creation of marketing strategies and tools
  • – target marketing to suitable prospects
  • – leasing negotiations
  • – post-leasing services
We evaluate market conditions, including tenant relocation, levels of occupancy in a target area, rental rates, proposed development and other real estate trends and develops a comprehensive positioning and leasing program for the property.
As a result of our experience with Tenant Representation, we are able to better understand tenants’ needs and thus position and lease properties for landlords more effectively.

Broker Opinion of Value

How do we determine an opinion of Value?

When performing a BOV, we gather property information regarding its physical attributes and those of the surrounding area, and review the market for recent comparables. We will also review the market for currently available properties that are similar to the property being valued. If appropriate, we will review tenant leases and property expenses. Market trends are also factored in, as are any of the subject real estate’s other unique attributes.

  • Features

    • Real-time market information
    • Broad market penetration
    • Database of market comparables
  • Benefits

    • Better understanding of the market
    • Realistic position of your property vs. the market

Commercial Site Selection

Purchasing land to build an office, industrial or special-use building requires knowledge and expertise distinct from that required for purchasing existing buildings.

Our Process

Following in-depth discussion about our client’s needs and goals for Site Selection, we work to identify and evaluate various site options.

Once a potential site has been identified, We aggressively negotiate the most favorable purchase price and terms. We work to put the property under a detailed purchase contract, structured to allow adequate time to thoroughly research and identify all contingency issues, which typically include:

Referrals to Qualified Consultants

We can provide access to all of the consultants routinely needed for these projects including surveyors, engineers, planning consultants, environmental consultants, real estate attorneys, development coordinator, mortgage consultants, etc.

We have a solid track record of working closely and effectively through the entire due diligence process with our clients’ attorneys, and other land planning consultants and engineers, to coordinate all of the above phases involved with land purchases.

The advantage is that the close teamwork we’ve developed can translate into significant savings for our clients on legal fees.  Contact us Today to discuss land purchases for building and office, industrial or special-use building.

    1. Examination of all property title issues,
    2. Production of an updated ALTA survey and addressing any related issues,
    3. Detailed review of planning and zoning issues (an approval from relevant government agencies for constructing a new building could be a contingency item),
    4. Review of environmental issues including Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessments,
    5. Coordination
      of any required engineering studies including soils or drainage reports,
    6. Coordination of any required surveys for wetlands or endangered species assessments,
    7. Quantifying property tax and utility costs (water, sewer, electricity, gas),
    8. Quantifying costs for delivery of new utility services,
    9. Quantifying costs for installation of necessary transportation infrastructure (roads, rail), and
    10. Securing adequate project financing options.

 Tenant Representation

  • Operate as a Tenant’s Agent or Tenant Representative.
  • Extensive experience representing office and industrial tenants on straight-forward to complex lease and lease renewal transactions.
  • Our fiduciary responsibility is solely to you and we work hard to advance your interests.
  • We listen carefully to understand your needs and work through a proven program to provide creative, flexible and cost-effective solutions.
  • Our clients range from local firms with a single location to Fortune 500 companies with multiple sites.

As your Tenant Representative, we provide you with expert advice, advocacy, and service throughout a comprehensive plan of action:

  • Meet with you to understand, in detail, your company’s needs,
  • Coordinate space planning services, if required, to accurately establish your company’s space needs, including future growth requirements,
  • Exhaustively survey the market to identify all appropriate properties (size, image, location, budget, special requirements), and prepare a survey package for your review,
  • Tour with you the most appropriate facility options,
  • Using detailed requests for proposals (“RFP”), verify key information and potential lease terms for the target facility options,
  • Identify, analyze, and document all significant costs (equalized to make comparisons meaningful) of the target facility options,
  • Using detailed letters of intent (“LOI”), clearly document the key business terms of any offer to lease,
  • Aggressively negotiate a favorable lease package by establishing a competitive environment between several prospective Landlords,
  • Secure expansion, contraction, and termination rights providing maximum contractual flexibility for the future,
  • Protect your company’s interests by thoroughly reviewing and negotiating the Landlord’s proposed lease document,
  • Provide, if requested, optional project management services to assist with the numerous demands imposed by opening a new office or relocating or expanding a current facility.

Office Lease Renewal

In many situations, renewing your existing leased industrial or office space may be your preferred option. The current building location might suit your employees and clients, and your existing space may work well for your business. Additionally, renewing your lease may prevent disruptions that often accompany relocating a company.

  • But, how do you know about other options available in the marketplace, and confirm that you’re getting a competitive lease renewal rate from your Landlord?
  •  How do you proceed if you need additional (or less) space when renewing your current lease?
  • How will you negotiate a competitive lease renewal package with an adequate Tenant Improvement (TI) Allowance to update your space with new carpet, paint or to make other necessary alterations?

Surprisingly, in many cases, the Landlord’s renewal rates and terms offered to its existing Tenants may be less attractive than the rates and terms offered to new Tenants! This is because Landlords know that, statistically, the majority of Tenants prefer not to move, and that many Tenants assume their Landlord will give them a “fair deal.”

  • When you renew your lease, the Landlord typically spends much less on TIs when compared to a new Tenant. The TI allowances provided to new Tenants can be significant, because new Tenants often require major reconfigurations to a space, as well as updates to carpet, paint, lighting and other finishes. However, if you don’t need this level of build-out, the renewal rate offered to you by your current Landlord should reflect these lower costs. Additionally, your lease renewal means the Landlord will not suffer any uncertainty or loss of rents. The key to maximizing your leverage in this situation is to create a competitive environment, forcing your Landlord to make a renewal offer that recognizes the benefits your tenancy. Lower costs and lower risk (of vacancy) should translate into lower renewal rates for you!

  • Landlords often discourage existing Tenants from seeking competent representation when it’s time to discuss a Lease Renewal.  We have extensive experience successfully negotiating lease renewals and expansions. We will develop a competitive environment making sure that your Landlord will compete for your business. And we accomplish this in a professional manner that does not damage your relationship with your Landlord. Additionally, in almost every case, your Landlord will pay our fees, just as they will pay the fees of a broker representing a new Tenant.

  • We have earned the trust of our loyal clientele by the way we conduct ourselves. You will find that our key qualities of reliability, responsiveness, integrity, drive, tenacity and enthusiasm mean the difference between just completing a real estate transaction and creating a highly effective business solution.

  • By focusing on the business objectives of our clients, we consistently produce leased space solutions that are creative, cost-effective, productivity enhancing, flexible and well documented. We have crafted many creative lease structures to accommodate our client’s needs for expansion, contraction, termination, extensive tenant finish build-out or other special requirements. We understand commercial leases and lease language, and push hard to protect your rights in these important documents.

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